Hoof Knife Neal Baggett

Neil Bagget
Drop Blade, Straight
A2 steel is used in our open blades because of it's toughness and wear-resistance. It is more expensive and harder to work, but produces a more superior blade than can be obtained with common blade steels.

Hollow grinding produces a low-angle edge that creates a sharpness to supply the slicing qualities a hoof knife needs. When used with our recommendations for sharpening, the hollow grind makes the process easier and faster. This is explained more in our sharpening section.

Elimation of the sweep along the spine, especially in the sole knives, provides more material for support. This enables our knives to be sharpened beyond the point one normally stops in fear of breaking other blades.

Simply said, Baggett Hoof Knives last longer. Using a low-profile hook helps to eliminate any snagging when working in tight areas.

Our loop knives are made from L-series blade steel, providing the strength and extra flex needed for these thinner blades. Loop knives are beveled on both sides to provide a superior edge.

Most loop knives are known to be difficult to sharpen, but our grind pattern and sharpening recommendations will make this task easier.

All Baggett blades are heat-treated. This time-consuming process turns a piece of shaped steel into a hoof knife. After hardening, blades are tempered to a level to provide the best of edge retention and ease of sharpening.

Stays Sharper ~ Lasts Longer

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