About Us

Hawkesbury Toolworx - Tools, Farrier Supplies & Outdoors - is your number one retailer of everything trade, handyman, outdoor and farrier related. Rob and Joanne Farmer took over Hawkesbury Toolworx in 2006, and they have increased the range of products substantially, as well as the stock levels, so you can be sure to find what you′re looking for on your first trip.

Hawkesbury Toolworx have equipment for all types of tradesmen, from builders and bricklayers to concreters, plumbers, painters and carpenters. As a builder in the Hawkesbury for 33 years, Rob knows quality tools when he sees them, and makes sure each product is tried and tested before it becomes a stock line.

Hawkesbury Toolworx specialises in sourcing and importing those hard-to-find tools from Europe and America.

Rob and Joanne also extended their product range to include Farrier & Outdoor supplies. Hawkesbury Toolworx - Tools, Farrier Supplies & Outdoors - has all of your Tools, Farrier Supplies & Outdoor needs covered, whether its tools, farrier supplies, hunting and ammunition or outdoor supplies.

Give Hawkesbury Toolworx a call today on 4571 3890.